I am not a motivational speaker, but I do understand a few things about motivation. The truth about our jobs is that 90% of people who are employed, don’t really know what job they are really good at and neither do companies provide the necessary facilities for new job seekers to identify where their true talent lies. Most of us don’t have a choice and hence are stuck with the job we hate to do. This leads to a lack of motivation in the first place. It’s a “JOB”, where hard “WORK” is required.

I have developed a model that helps freshers to motivate themselves, have fun and enjoy what they are doing. I do most of my critical work with freshers and yes there is a training period. What I do is, I provide an opportunity for freshers to explore what they are good at. I give them six months. I train freshers in handling projects and team building. The training starts by putting them in teams and allowing them to choose a project of their choice which they have to do like doing a company project.

Every day the teams will individually present the business requirements, where every individual has a part to explain. At the beginning, trust me all you get is crap, but that’s the kind of culture Indian students have grown and lived in. “Don’t think too much, we know whats best for you, say parents and teachers. This takes away our ability to make decisions and puts us in a very bad situation when we meet challenges and hurdles. So, the first thing that needs to be done is to change the mindset of listening to asking questions, researching, and finding solutions. This takes close to two months for a fresher to figure out and only if it is done everyday for two months.

During this process you and the team start realizing what each individual is good at and at the same time you will start seeing who is leading the team. This teaches them at the very beginning how to be in teams and about handling people. Once you know what each individual is good at and give them the freedom to make decisions and get it wrong, but guide them to rectify. The amount you and the freshers learn with this exercise is immense. It’s a huge knowledge sharing session. And after six months you have a leader and team that is capable of handling situations. Now, it’s not work, it is FUN, as everyone is doing what they are good at everyday and they are learning something new everyday. All this has to be backed with good support from the trainers, making it difficult when required and spending time to listen to them and their problems. This builds good relationships within the office and between peers. When you enjoy doing what you do, then motivation happens by itself.

I run a startup called The Infinite Periphery – You can reach me at or 919590201485.